Move multiple labels in label track

Hi, Is there a way to move a number of my labels by a certain offset amount. I am trying to move to the right as it is not syncing with the audio track after some audio was added to the original track.

I can manually move each one, but I am trying to find a way to move multiple labels by the same amount.

Thank you.

Have you read ?

There isn’t yet a way to move a group of labels along with the mouse. The best thing to have done would have been to enable Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks before inserting the audio, which would have shifted the labels with the audio. See .

To resync the labels, you can cut and paste a group of point or region labels by selecting carefully between the first border (the black vertical line) and the last border. Make sure you have snapped to the borders by looking for the yellow vertical Snap-To Guides. Then Edit > Remove Audio > Cut followed by Edit > Paste.



I know it is almost 10 years later, but thank you to both of you! The “Sync-Lock Tracks” feature saved me a lot of time, and haven’t heard about it before.


Sadly Attila, in those intervening eight years Gale has sadly died after an illness and is no longer with us - RIP :frowning: