move cursor to point in playback


Is there a way/button to press when playing back that moves the cursor to the time that is currently being played? I thought there used to be but it may be my imagination.



Currently there is no menu item for this, but “Stop and Move Cursor (Shift+A)” will be in the Transport menu in the next Audacity release.

Shift+A for awesome, thanks. Bonus question - is there a way to do it without stopping playback?

Not sure what you mean.

If you want to mark the current playback position during playback:

  • Ctrl+M
  • (optional: type in some text)
  • Enter

Se here for more about labels:

If you want to set the left edge of the selection, press “[” (square left bracket). To set the right edge, use “]”.
For more about selecting audio, see:

Sorry - what I meant was instead of “Stop and Move Cursor (Shift+A)” just “move cursor” to wherever is playing at the time but without stopping

Yes, just click where you want the cursor to be


A more convenient way of doing that is to press left bracket [ .