'Motorized volume sliders' Mixing table

Found Audacity just a week ago and just love it. So simple! Used Adobe Audition and Cubase before but this is a lot easier!

What I am missing is the function to adjust the volume on different tracks while listening and doing final mixing, with the program to remember these adjustments.
Like a studio mixing table with motorized sliders with memory.
Maybe there is a plug-in for this??
Anyone, please help.

There’s the envelope tool - no exactly motorized faders, but it does allow dynamic adjustment of track levels.


– Bill

Have you checked View → Mixer board…

Not sure if this might be what your looking for… because I don’t fully understand what you mean by the “memory” feature…

When you change the volume for a track, should that affect the whole track or just from the point where you adjusted it onwards? If it’s the first case then the mixer board might be what you’re looking for. If it’s the second case, then the envelope tool (as bill said) is probably your best option.

Many thanks for your answers and sorry, I know the Envelope function and the Mixer Board BUT, what I would like to see is that the Mixer Board actually remembers the adjustments when adjusting in Playback mode and while listening to the various tracks.
The disadvantage with the Envelope tool, is that it cannot be used during playback and a lot of ‘picking’ is needed. As a musician, I want to adjust when listening and not make a lot of stops to adjust what I just heard not hearing it when adjusting it.

From a programming point of view to solve this,
1 when adjusting the volume during playback on the Mixer Board, this will actually stear the Envelope function.
2 when adjusting the pan in the Mixer Board, I do not see a function for varying the pan over time other than doing a lots of copy and paste and splitting tracks and then adjust each track. This is time consuming and would be better if could be done ‘on the go’ while listening and looking and working at / in the Mixer Board.

The result after having been changing volume and pan for various tracks while listening, will then be that when I listen again on Playback and look at the Mixer Board, that I will see all the sliders going up and down and the pan settings going left and right. Just as I have been adjusting at the last playback. And again and again, one can do new adjustments which are immediately memorized.

This function would be the last thing Audacity will need I believe.

This idea has been discussed previously and is mentioned on the “Feature Requests” page of the Audacity wiki http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Feature_Requests#Highest-rated

Allow real-time effects (67 votes)
include something similar to the envelope tool to adjust the effect parameters?

Would you like your vote adding?


I’m not sure that that FR in the Wiki is actually quite what the poster is looking for. That FR has a request for the Equalizer to be operable in real time.

If I understand zekewarg correctly they are asking for real-time use of the Mixer borad (the one with one slider per track) - and for the movement of those sliders to be remembered/stored by Audacity so that they can be re-applied in the same way later. This is analagous to the functionality of many modern mixing desks where the physical movements of the slider are rembered by the desk (did we not discuss something along these lines a nmonth or so ago on the quality or dev mailing list?)


Steve and WC, many thanks for your feedback,
I am Swedish and live in China since years and I have programmers working for me but NOT within this area.
I probably can have them to fix the Mixer Board to actually steer the Envelope function easily.
To fix the real time floating of the PAN will be a more tricky challenge I believe as each adjustment on PAN will mean a lot of commands for CUTting small parts of the track, to create a new one for each little movement at the same place in the timeline, PASTE the cut section and then to adjust the pan to the left of each track as per the adjustment in the Mixer Board. Each Project will end up with a lot of tracks with little content, maybe hundreds of tracks for just 1 Project that maybe only have 6 -8 tracks to start with.

As I do not know what timeframes Audacity have for developing new functions and if my ‘wish’ will be realized within a foreseeable future or not, I ask you to advice me if you think it is a good idea to get my guys going on this or not. If they need to spend 2 weeks programming on this and then Audacity will have a solution within 1-2 months, it will be a waste of their time spent on it!
Best rgds

Yes we did discuss it somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.


My interpretation of what zekewarg was asking is precisely for real-time control and for that control to be recordable.
<<<what I would like to see is that the Mixer Board actually remembers the adjustments when adjusting in Playback mode and while listening to the various tracks. >>>
It is a common feature on many other multi-track audio programs and very useful. It is one aspect of “track automation”.


Audacity will not have this (or any other FR) implemented in the 1-2 month timeframe - it will be muchl onger. The developers’ focus right now (and there are not many of them) is to crack some critical Priority-2 (P2) bugs that are inhibiting the release of the next officially stable version of Audacity 2.0


The developers are currently working toward the release of Audacity 2.0 (based on the 1.3.x series). Audacity is (officially) in “feature freeze” until 2.0 is released.
The release of 2.0 is long overdue, but once it is released I think the developers will be delighted to get working on new features again.
[Update] I see that WC replied while I was typing :slight_smile:

I’m not a programmer, but I don’t think it would need to be done like that.
If you adjust the pan slider on a track, even a very long track, the pan position is changed instantly, so Audacity is obviously not rewriting the audio data, but simply adjusting how the existing data is played. In this respect it is very similar to the track gain slider. I would have thought that pan position could be implemented in a similar manner to the volume envelope.

Hi both and thanks
We will then have a go at linking the Mixer Board Volume sliders to the Envelope function.
Will post results if we succeed!
All the best,

Moderator Note: As Greger and his team plan to work on this (see later in this thread) I have left this thread on the forum - moved to Audio Processing section. But I have also moved the gist of Greger’s request to the Wiki’s Pending Feature Requests page.

As Greger (the original poster) and his team plan to work on this I have left this thread on the forum - moved to this Audio Processing section. But I have also moved the gist of Greger’s request to the Wiki’s Pending Feature Requests page.