MME or Windows Direct?

For the new Audacity 2.0 I’m using Windows 7 Pro 64bit, do I use MME or Windows Direct?

I asked this same question earlier this year and was advised to use Windows Direct as it was the newer technology. I’m having no problems with it so far.

Thanks, for volume/speakers do I use “Primary Sound Driver” or “Realtek High Definition”?
And for microphone I have options of “Primary Sound Capture Drive” or “stereo mix - Realtek High Definition”?
I think I probably should go with the “Realtek High def” options?

I have my output set to Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) and my input to “Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio)”. However, note that I do not use Audacity to record anything other than stereo mix - and that very, very rarely. My use of Audacity is as an editing and mixing suite - not as a sound recorder.

As PGA says WDS is the more modern implemention of an “Audio Host” for Windows machines (1995 versus 1991 - so neither are that “modern”) - one of its key advantages over MME is that it can ususally deliver lower latency. IIRC I don’t think taht WDS will run with some older soundcard device drivers in which case MME will be necessary.

See this page in the 2.0 manual

Gale Andrews wrote an editornote in the manual a while back saying “I still feel MME is the safer default for older, slower machines.”

Personally I use WDS on both my XP machines (old desktop with XP-HE and newer lapstop with XP-PRO) with no problems. And I prefer to set the explicit devices rather than “Primary Sound Capture Drive” - as I like to be in control and not leave it to Windows to decide what I need.


Thanks everyone, yeah I chose to use my installed audio drivers rather than have Windows select whatever…