mixing in a cross fade

hi, Im new. I want to fade track one into track two so that they play over the top of each other whilst fading out and in. I used to do this in cool edit on my old pc. I was able to paste a new track alongside an existing track then highlight the last part of the first track and the beginning of the second track. Then from effects menu I selected crossfade and it would do the whole thing for me. I ended up with one track fading out at the same time as next track fading in. Is this possible in audacity? I noticed the crossfade function on the effects menu but when I try using it in this way it just fades each track out/in but does not mix the two? I am running vista premium and have upgraded to audacity 1.3.9.

I would do this by selecting the end of the first track and doing an Effect>Fade Out on the section you want to overlap. Then select the second track and do an Effect>Fade In on the overlap section…


thanks wc but I am not really sure what you mean. It would seem that you would only have fade out on first track and fade in on second track. I need these fades to mix together so that you can hear the first track fading out at the same time as the second track fades in. Can you be a bit more specific bearing in mind I am pretty new to audacity?

I think the only way to do that (a dissolve, by the way, not a fade), is to create a new rack and use the fade tools, or the envelope tool.

I hope you’re in Audacity 1.3.

Track > New Stereo Track. Paste your second song onto the second track with the first song on the first. Slide the second song sooner and later using the Time Shift Tools until they line up. Then apply fade out to the top one and fade in on the bottom. This will produce a time when both songs are playing at the same time, each at half volume. You can change the position of the songs, the duration of the fade.

If you need more control than that, you can use the envelope tool which will allow you point by point to control the fades of each track and which direction.



That sounds promising Koz I will give it a try. Thanks.