Missing "Stereo to Mono" option

Under “tracks” the option “Stereo to Mono” has disappeared. Is there any information on this? This was something I used almost daily.

It’s super unusual for pieces of Audacity to vanish. Which three-number Audacity do you have?

Does your Tracks look like this?
Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 3.41.07 PM.png

I know this is the Mac menu, but the tools should be the same.


Mine looked like that a couple of weeks back, but today it was just missing the “Stereo to mono” option. I am using version 2.1.3.

today it was just missing the “Stereo to mono” option.

That’s the only difference?

[Stunned Look]

I’m out. I’ve never heard of that.

The desperation method is convert both tracks to mono with the tools in the drop-down menu on the left of each track (if they’re not already). Select each track one at a time by clicking just above MUTE. Effect > Amplify each track -6dB (reduce each one by half). When you export the show, Audacity will smash them both together into one mono show and it should sound identical to using the Tracks conversion tool.

We’ll need to wait for a Windows elf.


Lol!! I promise! I looked multiple times to make sure that I wasn’t slipping off my rocker. However, I downloaded the beta version to see what was new, and I have to say, it looks good and the parts of the program I use seem to work great.
I have two expensive DAW’s that I have used, Presonus Studio One and Adobe Audition. I honestly have an easier time with Audacity. I do like the compressor in audition, but I have not found a better noise reduction outside of Audacity.

If selected track is mono, ‘‘Stereo Track to Mono’’ is greyed-out, almost invisible …
If selected track is mono, ''Stereo Track to mono'' is greyed-out, almost invisible.png

The option isn’t there at all. That one option is just gone. I uninstalled the program, and installed the beta version. So far, it is great.

As you have installed the Beta you have a pre-reslease test version of the upcoming 2.2.0

In 2.2.0 the menus have been reorganized - the command you want is still available - use: Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down to Mono


So far, it is great.

So far it’s great that Stereo to Mono came back?

If they’re both missing, post a screen grab of that menu like we’ve been doing.


I have now uninstalled the version 2.1.3 and opted to use the beta version. I did locate the “stereo to mono” option there. I really appreciate the quick responses.

Thank you all!