Missing option to monitor audio.

In the earlier version, when I was setting up the timer to record, there was an option in the VU meter on which I could “Click to Start Monitoring” that would allow the audio to play before enabling the record mode. Now it is no longer there. Is it a menu option? A preferences switch? Now, the only time I get audio is when I am recording or have record in pause.

Right-click in the recording meter and select “Start Monitoring


Is there any way I could have found that answer in the documentation?
Is/was there a list of changes from the previous version?

Well Muse have opted for telling you about changes in Releases via videos. this is the latest one:

I just looked at that again and although it tells me about the combining of the mixer toolbar functionality into the meter toolbars (with the new meter toolbar sliders) it provides no hint as to the changes reading accessing monitoring. I think you’re just supposed to infer that a right-click context menu might be the way to do that.

Also neither the Release Notes for 3.2.0 or 3.2.1 mentions the changes:

But yes, you could have discovered this from a re-read of the Manual’s page on the Meter toolbars

There is a section in the TOC called “Adjusting and monitoring recording level” which links to this section of the page:
I did make sure to update that page in the Manual when Muse made the changes, but it is a bit of a “find” to get there, I agree.
I think I may add a link on the front page of the Manual for “Monitoring” now that the visual cue has been removed from the app.

Note that Muse plan on deprecating the old Manual in favour of their GitBook handbook which focuses on “how to get things done” rather than being a reference manual - and this page shows you another way to “discover” monitoring:
and this pagetoo:
i.e. a left click on the microphone icon

But you are right that there is no indication in the changes documentation, the release notes or new release video, of the cjanges to monitoring.


Done for the alpha manual for the next release:

So at least then you’d be able to search the front page (with Ctrl+F) for “monitoring”.


Oh and thanks for that “nudge” Emerogork

I found several other places in the alpha manual that need correcting for the new 3.2.x behavior :slight_smile: :sunglasses: