Missing Cross fade in/out

Windows 10 Audacity version 3.1.3
Hello, I’m missing the cross fade in and cross fade out. I only have studio fade out. I need studio fade in. Where can I find it? sorry for my english i am from germany greetings

There is no Studio Fade In

I asked Steve about that when he wrote Studio Fade Out - his advice was to just use Fade In 3 times on the selection - and that’s what I’ve always used. :sunglasses:

  1. Make selection for fade
  2. Effect > Fade In
  3. Ctrl+R
  4. Ctrl+R

You could even make a little Macro with the three fades in and then assign a custom keyboard shortcut to the Macro.
You could even call your Macro “Studio Fade In” :wink:

Update: using such a Macro has the advantage that it only require one “Undo” to reverse the 3 fades and not 3 "Undo"s as would be the case if you do it manually.


The old “cross fade in” and “cross fade out” effects were removed / superseded several years ago.

There are now several alternatives, depending on what you are wanting to do.

For cross-fading, see these two effects:

For creating a single fade-in or fade-out effect, see these effects:

Also, note waxcylinder’s comment.