"Missing audio datablock files" when opening save file

I was working on an important project when my audacity stopped responding. “This is ok, I’ve saved it anyways,” I think to myself. I recover the project and get this error message (see attached image helpme1) ((yes its a despacito remix but its satire)) I haven’t moved or touched anything and after I select silence for current session ((which makes almost everything silent)) I get this popup (see helpme2) it says there are 11000 files missing but in the folder they’re all there and it asks for the orphan files. It seems to me that it’s branded the project files as unimportant ones. I’ve tried audacity recovery tool and I just get an error, and there too many files to do by hand. Please help I’ve spent hours on this thanks.

Are you using Audacity 2.2.0 or 2.2.1 ?

And if so are you using “Save As” instead of “Save” yto save your existing open project ?


version 2.1.3