Miss Clicking Cursor at "0" Mark & Deplore Non-Defeatable Plugin Scanning

Being a staunch late-adopter, I recently upgraded from 2.2.2 to 3.3.3 on Mac OS. I like the nested native plugin menus and the live-effects feature. There are two things that I’d like to see remediedin upcoming versions, however:

1: I miss being able to place the cursor at the “0” point on the timeline and have it stick at the very-start. Although one can get there by other means, it’s so convenient, and it had used to work.

2a: This is now a common complaint, but: We need an option in Preferences to defeat plug-in scanning at start-up. It’s such an annoyance to have to cancel it as it’s going, just to be able to get to work on a project. It should be an option, not an immutable default.

2b: Plugin scanning should be able to differentiate between effects plugins and instrument plugins, and scan only the former.

You should still be able to do that - I certainly can do this on W10 with 3.3.3

You need to be aware that the top one third of the edge of any clip/track is now used to shrink or expand the clip. Note that in this zone the cursor changes. So if you have a track/clip that starts at T=0 (a very common occurrence) this reduces the target area you have for relocating the cursor to T=0. So yo just need to target lower down in the track.

Personally if I want to move the cursor to T=0 I find it much easier to use the Skip to start button on the Transport toolbar:


Thanks for the advice. I just tried it, and placing the cursor lower on the track works fine. As I’d said, this method is easier for me, since the cursor is already in my hand, and it’s usually when I’m already clicking around on the timeline when I need to get to “0.”

(Now, about that plugin scanning . . .)

For that you’ll need to lodge an enhancement on Muse’s GitHub issues log:

For that you’ll need a GitHub account - but those are free.

I used to have a shedload of plugins (From my days of extensive QA testing) - once they all started being auto “scanned” by Audacity I trimmed that set down to a very small handful.


Thanks again. Another account, another set of loginfo, another e-mail list to keep unsubscribing from, more replies to field . . . I’m sure that the developers are by now aware that they should fix the scanning thing.

No, they think it’s way cool that all your plugins get scanned :nerd_face:


  • against your will; without your permission. Way cool.

There’s always Ocen Audio.

Because Audacity 3.3.3 scans for plug-ins on start-up, these errors occur during start-up. I’m going to try to revert to a previous version that doesn’t scan plug-ins. I’ll wait until the developers wake-up and decide to develop this arrogant function out of the application.

v3.1.3 doesn’t scan for plug-ins at startup; v3.2.0 does.