Microphone Sensitivity Issues

Hey everybody,

I’m fairly new to Audacity, and I’ve been having some trouble. I’m trying to record myself playing some pieces on the piano. I’ve got 2 microphones: one similar to this:


And one similar to this:


The former seems to be far more sensitive, so I’ve been using it. My problem is that Audacity seems to be doing some sort of auto-adjustment on the sensitivity as I play; everything’s fine if I play at one volume level, but if I play loudly, and then softly, the soft music (which normally would be picked up) will not play back properly. So I guess my question is: Is audacity doing this? If it is, how do I turn it off?

I’ve got my mic sensitivity turned all the way up both in Audacity and in the Control Panel.



It’s not Audacity - it’s likely to be a setting on your soundcard for handling the mic. Try turning off any fancy settings that sometimes come as a default with sound devices.


Windows laptops try to manage your microphone as if you were doing a Skype conference. It will auto level set and try to do room echo cancellation. Most times you can turn that off in the sound control panels – if you can find it.

You can make that much worse if you’re trying to listen to computer speakers while you’re performing. Live performers use headphones for a reason.



I’ve got Vista on my laptop, which I rarely use, so it took me a minute to find, but under “Control PanelSound” on the “Recording” tab, if you select the microphone and hit the “Properties” button, a window comes up where under the “Advanced” tab you can enable or audio enhancements. Works like a charm, thanks everybody!