Microphone recording level has dropped

I am using windows 10 and Audacity 2.3.2
I have just bought a new laptop and have installed audacity and the relevant plug-ins. I have been recording all week and have been pleased with the quality of the recordings. I previously had to have the microphone recording levels around 85, but on this new laptop I was able to turn it down to 45 and it was still top quality sound. However, this morning I think I may have caught a button or something as suddenly the microphone is picking up very little sound when on 45. I can change it in sound settings and it will record at around 85, but I preferred it when I had more control over the levels. Please can someone help me. I think I need to go through all the settings, but I don’t know how to do that as I don’t know anyone else who uses the programme.

Where are the 85 and 45 settings? What’s the microphone?

Do you use the computer for other things such as Skype, conferencing, chat and games? All of those can mess with Windows sound settings. Audacity gets its sound from Windows and it doesn’t apply effects, filters or corrections in real time.


I have been recording all week

Are you reading for an audiobook? When you get the basic studio and system so you like it, you can send a test to ACX for their approval.

There’s just nothing like reading for weeks only to have ACX tell you that you may need to do it all again.


Audio sockets on laptops are often multi-function. When you plugged in the microphone was there a pop-up window asking you to confirm which type of device was plugged in? If so run the application usually known as the audio manager from the task bar, this will typically be Realtek but could also be intel or others. If you have checked this then go to the run option ( right click the start button ) and type in mmsys.cpl. Find your device under the recording tab and check the level tab. Its also a good idea to check the enhancements tab and disable all enhancements.