microhone/switching off Time Shift Tool/Tempo

Greetings all,

After lots of issues with input and output, Audacity is finally working fine. And so I have been fooling around a bit to get the hang of it. A couple of things I came across:

  • The only mic I have is analogue. Might it work on Audacity with a minijack adaptor? And as to preliminary mic settings: where should I go to and what should I do? (I’m on Linux Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04, if you’d like to know).

  • How do you switch off the Time Shift Tool (and the other five as well, for that matter) after use? I needed to do something else with my two stereo tracks on - and was unable to. The only thing I could think of was saving the lot, turning Audacity off, and recalling it once more. But Surely there must be some other way.

  • Trying to align those two tracks I’m working on (the upper contains vocals, the lower strings ) I found the vocals slightly lagging behind. Knowing the metronome pitch of the strings would help to modify the vocals. Is there any way of finding out?

Thanks very much


Click on the “Selection Tool” the I-beam icon

see this page in the Manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tools_toolbar.html


or press the F1 key.