Mic voice recording not working on 3.2.1

great to see this new update - thanks!

inevitably, there will be some teething problems, but this one is a deal breaker unless there is a way to fix it quickly.
but before I describe the issue - am I in a parallel universe? :astonished: The current version is 3.2.1 but the MANUAL is for 3.3 - ??

Please explain!

I’m just about to do my editing on the new version, when I found out that my mic voice recording wave is barely visible around ZERO on the wave, and in playback the voice is very faint and scratchy.

all the settings I know about are correct.

I also noticed that unlike in the previous versions - there is no “mic activation” on the recording meter toolbar - is this intentional or a bug?

please tell me how to fix it otherwise please provide a link to the previous version.

Windows 10 pro 64
Yeti Blue Pro
48000 sample rate both in Windows and Audacity

I have:
disconnected and reconnected the mic
rescanned audio devices

what else should I do?

I would appreciate your reply at your earliest convenience as I’m working to a tight deadline.


*** UPDATE ****

don’t know how but out of a sudden it started working fine.

Looks like I’ve got a gremlin in my PC - seriously, this is the SECOND technical issue today that has resolved BY ITSELF in a way no one can explain :astonished: :question: :mrgreen:

I still would appreciate your clarification of the 3.2.1 Audacity vs 3.3 manual


That was my mistake, sorry.

I assumed that Muse were moving straight to 3.3 from 3.2.0 so I upped the nomenclature in the alpha Manual.
(actually Muse are currently parallel working on updates with a 3.2.2 Beta and a 3.3.0 alpha)

That got pulled and released for 3.2.1 without anyone at Muse noticing. And it’s only the title that’s wrong, the content is OK for 3.2.1

It’s corrected in the alpha manual now so when the upcoming 3.2.2 comes out the manual will declare itself as 3.2


no worries, thanks Peter

as long as you are aware of this and I’m not accessing two parallel universes at the same time… :wink: all is good.


Anna, actually I’m just jolly glad that some folk do actually bother to read the manual (and notice issues with it). :sunglasses:

I and several other folk (three of whom are still Forum “elves”) spent many hours creating and finessing that documentation.

Oh and BTW at the moment 3.2.2 Beta and 3.3.0 alpha appear to be functionally the same right now. There probably are some under-the-hood changes but the user functionality is identical right now - but of course that will change as 3.3 is developed.



I must say, it was a bit of a Twilight moment for me :laughing: which does interesting things to your brain (and, come to think of it, wouldn’t be all that unusual given the range of strange psychic phenomena in my life you can read about in my other recent posts), but I’m glad it’s over :smiley:

Anna, actually I’m just jolly glad that some folk do actually bother to read the manual (and notice issues with it).

are you kidding?? that’s my Audacity Bible! I try to go there first before I reach out to bother you on this forum.

Speaking of which, there is still one issue which actually got worse with this update, but I will write about it in a separate post. I know you guys don’t like us clumping topics together :slight_smile:


don’t know how but out of a sudden it started working fine.
Looks like I’ve got a gremlin in my PC - seriously, this is the SECOND technical issue today that has resolved BY ITSELF in a way no one can explain

I would explain it. Problems like that tend to wait until the worst possible time to come back: Important Show, Critical Production, Time Restricted Promise of Work, Unique Recording.

Hollywood has a Director Detector Service. Setup and pre-production adjustments are great and everything works perfectly right up until the Important Director walks onto the set to start the movie. Bang. Right in the bin.

There are hidden “magic” causes of failures. Skype, Zoom, Meetings, and other chat and communications programs cause problems because they have to grab your machine with white knuckles and make custom adjustments in order to work right. Sometimes, they don’t let go and you try to make a simple recording or do an uncomplicated edit with internet settings still running. It does not go well for some unknown reason.

Some games can cause this problem. Never leave anything like that napping in the background when you work.

I know this is a tired trope, but there is a reason Tech Support always wants you to restart your machine before they start working on it with you. That’s to clear out all the stuck programs, odd settings, and magic.

Since you’re on Widows, it’s helpful to do a Clean Shutdown. Windows has a selection of different Restarts: nap, sleep, snooze, nod-off, etc. and each one leaves bits and pieces here and there active so the machine recovers quickly. That’s the wrong goal. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. That’s a Clean Shutdown which takes longer, but it turns everything off and is much more likely to give you a stable machine when it wakes up.


thanks for your thoughts.

yes, I am aware of that and make sure that any and all audio grabbing programs are shut down before I work on Audacity.

Besides, those gremlins interfere with my non-audio programs too (most recently with my Publisher).

Their favourite game is “now you see it, now you don’t”- or the other way around whatever the case may be, with me hardly even breathing let alone doing anything to fix the issue. Then I can hear their mischievous laughter :mrgreen: Gatchya!

Windows has a selection of different Restarts: nap, sleep, snooze, nod-off, etc.

:laughing: absolutely, Windows cares about my precious time. Actually, I normally use Hibernate, and restart my PC only when it’s really needed.

having said that, I note your clean shutdown suggestion and will try it. thanks.


gremlins interfere with my non-audio programs too

Nobody wrote you can’t have system problems.

You can send your hard drive through quality control testing.

That can test some of the rest of your system, too.

Or Defragmenting.

When a machine stores something on the hard drive, it doesn’t always get to keep everything nice and organized and lined up. Sometimes the only empty holes on the drive will only accept a portion of the work. So the machine breaks the work into “fragments” and puts the pieces wherever it can find room. If you use the machine a lot, your simple files can be broken up into crazy fragments and portions.

You can tell the machine to inspect everything and line up all the files and vacant spaces. It can take a while. It’s called defragmenting. It can speed up the machine significantly.

Fair warning if the machine is pretty full, defragmenting can be a retirement project. Also don’t defragment if your machine has a solid state drive. Consult your instructions or manual.

And last, way down at the bottom of the list. Are you using a cloud drive? One Drive, iCloud, AmazonDrive, Google Drive?

Do the problems go away or change if you stop using it?


I used to defrag my old PC but not this one as it has SSD (hybrid SSD and HDD), plus I know it would take forever which is the time I don’t have.

Nope, never use any cloud storage connected to my PC (only an external Mega site for transfers of large files).

Never sign in to my Microsoft account just to use my computer (the biggest con of Microsoft ever!), not to Windows (have a local profile) not to MS Office (all apps downloaded and saved locally on my PC). Never allow remote access for troubleshooting to anyone, not even to Microsoft (ha,ha, as if…). I like my privacy and don’t like spying or exposure to hacking.

speaking of which - earlier this year I stopped using gmail and closed all my accounts except for one I keep only as a sign in to some google services. Not for emails. I have this strange gut feeling that gmail will be the next global database hacked with all your emails and personal data up for ransom.

You may have heard (it’s been all over the news globally) about the huge recent hacking to Optus (telco) and Medibank (health insurer) in Australia, where millions of people have their personal sensitive data leaked and compromised, had to change their passports, drivers licenses and other ID documents, plus their credit cards. (luckily, I am not one of them). I don’t know if Optus has paid the ransom but Medibank refused, and so those scambags who were tracked back to Russia by the Australian Federal Police and FBI , are releasing people’s data on the dark web. I don’t know why, but I have this bad feeling about gmail, so took 2 months to move all my emails to ProtonMail and get out of there.

thanks for the link - it’s useful. I did run some of those tools at various points in the past when there was a specific issue.

What I’m referring to as gremlins is something that comes and goes with no pattern or clue. Temperamental. Some mischievous energy wanting to interfere with our work through the devices we use. Don’t you believe in metaphysical phenomena? :stuck_out_tongue: