Mic recognized but not working on macbook pro, Mic not working Linex chrombook

I have had nothing but problems with audacity lately. After the most recent update suddenly all the MP3 files exported by Audacity on my PC are corrupted. After fussing with it for days and getting nowhere I uploaded the Lenix version on a Chromebook and got the plugins working but it will not recognize my USB mic. So, I uploaded the Mac version of audacity onto a friends MacBook Pro with no USB outlets, so I connected a Bluetooth mic, it comes up and is recognized but the mic isn’t working, Yes, I have it selected as my audio recording source. Plus, I can’t get the ACX check plugin to work on the Mac. 3 machines running audacity and I still can’t record. Can anyone please help me with any one issue so I can record the audiobook I have a contract for? Please help

There is no MacBook Pro (or, generally, no Mac at all) without USB. Either they have the “old” USB, or USB-C. If it has USB-C, you need an adapter (available from Apple) to use the “old” USB.

And if an old version of Audacity was working, why not install it again?

Ok I get that I have an adapter on order but why won’t it see my bluetooth mic?

WHY did you open a new thread and not continue here?