Metadata not Accurately Reproduced on File Export

The Metadata in the original FLAC file which was purchased in 2022 was not completely reproduced on export to an MP3 file format. Some of the information was omitted. The original FLAC Metadata is shown on Page 1 of the attached. The exported MP3 file Metadata is shown on Page 2 of the attached.

You need a tag editor to fix that, e.g. … Mp3tag - Wikipedia

Metadata is a weakness in Audacity. :frowning: It doesn’t support embedded artwork at all. It doesn’t appear to be a priority for the Audacity developers.

One of the things that makes it difficult is that all of different formats use different standards. MP3 uses ID3 tags and FLAC uses Vorbis comments, etc.

Mp3Tag con copy the tags from one file to another (and it works on just about everything, not just MP3) but you still might have limitations/differences when copying from one format to another due to field names or length restrictions, etc.

See this set of logged metadata issues on Muse’s GitHub:

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