Metadata Export of "Artist" fails for M4A(AAC) but succeeds for MP3

Ripping old music and trying to export songs into files that Win10/iTunes can easily import. It appears the artist field does not successfully get written for M4AA(AAC) format (other fields appear correct–Track, Album). It shows as blank in the Windows 10 File Explorer and “Unknown Artist” in iTunes. If I export the same set of tracks as MP3, it shows up successfully. Any obvious pilot error sorts of things I should be doing differently, or is this a missing capability for AAC.

Audacity 2.3.2 on Windows 10.0.17134


Personally when I digitized my LP collection for my iTunes/iPods I preferred to

  1. Export as 16-bit WAV
  2. Import the WAV into iTunes
  3. use iTunes to make the conversion from WAV to AAC/MP4

You need to remember to delete the WAV after in iTunes as it makes a conversion copy rather than a straight conversion.


I rarely use AAC/M4A so I don’t know if this is normal, but -

You can edit the metadata in iTunes right-click on a song and choose Song Info, or right-click on an album and click Album Info.

MP3Tag can also edit the metadata for most audio formats (not just Mp3).