Metadata Editor Pop Up in 3.4

I have just upgraded to version 3.4. In previous versions when exporting a box allowing you to edit metadata popped up automatically before confirming export. This no longer happens, you now have to click the edit metadata tab to do this which takes extra keystrokes. There is no option to select the previous routine in preferences. please can we have this option reenabled?

I doubt that Muse would contemplate that (and I personally think the change is better anyway).

Your only real option, if you want to retain that old metadata behavior, is to revert to 3.3.3 or earlier.

When I digitized my vinyl and tapes i never bothered with the metadata in Audacity (which has always been on the poor side - no image/artwork handling for a start). Instead I manage my metadata in iTunes, much better. Note too that other metadata editors are available.


I have downgraded back to version 3.3 to get this feature back.

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