Metadata and iTunes

When exporting to WAV, I lose all metadata. When exporting to AAC, I get the metadata, but when importing the AAC files into iTunes, I lose the Artist name - it seems that the Artist field does not correspond to any actual metadata field (it is not visible in Windows explorer either). Is there a way to correct this - I went to the trouble of filling out artist, year etc, but all this disappears into the ether.

Some metadata fields are included in the exported file, but few applications read WAV metadata, and iTunes is one that does not. You can export to AIFF instead then iTunes will see the tags. Please see .

You can add tags to the WAV file in iTunes, then iTunes will read those tags as its own native metadata format, but few other applications will read them.

My understanding is that this is a bug in FFmpeg 0.6.2 (the current version suggested for Audacity). 0.6.2 does not write Artist and Year tags, but the previous 0.5 version does
(and iTunes sees those tags). You can get FFmpeg 0.5 from .


Personally I find it easier to manage my metadata in iTunes.

I just export a set of WAVs labelled 01 <song_1>, 02 …

then import those WAVs into iTunes,and use iTunes to convert to AAC and then manage the metadata.

This is my workflow:


Thanks. I use the WAVs to make CDs and the AAC to import into iTunes. I will check the older FFmpeg