Medical condition, make audio wave smoother, remove zick zacks

W10 20H2
Audacity 2.4.2


I have weird condition, where my left ear produces a plop sound, my doctor can’t hear it because he is old I guess, but friends can hear it clearly and it is visible in audacity: here few examples with audacity project file (in case someone is interested):
This is the typical plop sound, 60% of time at the end of the sentence (when I am breathing out), very good visible:

Some times, this son of a gun, hide in mid sentence and it is not visible at first look
You see the one weird to the right, that is the plop sound.

My question: Can it be somehow made smoother? Any tool/effect that make wave forms a little bit smoother?
Click remover etc. don’t work.


Sorry couldn’t find the edit button.
Here is another example:
If I remove the highlightet one, the plop sound is gone.
Are there any other tools to analyze what is going on there?
Zoomed in version

Try the track spectrogram view:

Short answer: You should see an ENT doctor.

Long answer: when someone speaks at normal volume, (not whispering), it activates the stapedius-reflex in the ears to turn down the sensitivity of hearing, so they don’t deafen themselves with their own voice.

About half a second after you stop speaking the reflex relaxes,
(e.g. at the end of sentences, or if you leave a long-gap between words).

The reflex is muscles pulling on tiny bones in the ear.
If there is something wrong with whose bones the stapedius-reflex being triggered, or relaxing,
can create a click/pop noise which is audible to other people.

Not a user-fixable problem, (see short answer above).

That link does not work:

One can attach a WAV audio file to a post in this forum.
Again the upload. I already visit two ENT doctors, one wasn’t interested in trying to understand the problem, the other said that is nothing dangerous.
ear plop2.aup (1018 Bytes)
ear plop.aup (3.89 KB)

“Curse you Red Baron” as Snoopy used to say.

Thanks you for that Trebor, now every time I talk normal.loud and stop - I then hear that bloomin ’ click :wink: :confused: :cry:


From my perspective, mine goes whoomph when it releases, rather than click,
but something is wrong if it’s audible to other people.

“aup” files don’t contain any audio. WAV is the format to attach …

If it’s an inner-ear reflex problem, it would also be activated by loud noises when you are not speaking, like loud music or power tools.

If it’s only when you are speaking, it could be a problem with your eustachian tube …
https ://
ear plop waveform & spectrogram.png

Phew - mine is more of a whooph :sunglasses:


Thank you very much for your information, I will take the wikipedia article and go to the doctor.