Manual for Mac users

I thought it would be wise to start by reviewing your manuals before asking any questions; however, after printing many pages, I noticed that they all relate to the Windows operating system. Where should I, as a Mac user, start?
Oh, I use OS10,14 and Audacity-Macos-2.2.2 dmg…

Where should I, as a Mac user, start?

You can probably start by not printing the pages. It’s pleasant to think about a nice, concise, simple paper manual that you can read curled up in front of a roaring fire and we’re working on that, but so far it’s entirely on-line. There is no print formatting. A PDF manual is Frequently Requested.

We’re all part-time volunteers. Would you like to volunteer to help produce the print version?

Aside from that, what’s your goal? Transferring your records and tapes? Reading for audiobooks?


Audacity is mostly the same on Windows macOS and Linux. The main differences on macOS are:

  • the menu bar is at the top of the screen on macOS and has an additional “Application” menu item
  • macOS uses the Command key instead of the Ctrl key

There’s a fairly new addition to the on-line manual that is called “What is That?” (“WIT” for short). You can find it here:
It is an interactive guide to the main Audacity layout.

For some heavy reading, this is one of the most important pages about how to use Audacity:

And here are the “Getting Started” pages:

The key reason why the Manual does not work well in printableform, is that is designed to be an on-line hypertext document with many, many, cross-links embedded throughout. And such links do not work at all on paper …

It’s also a lot easier to keep an electronic Manual properly up to data and accurate - there are printed books about using Audacity (and all the ones I know are well out of date).


I was only printing very basic sections, such as, how to begin." I find printed text much easier to read and use. Anyway, as a beginner, I can’t learn by asking specific questions. I’d be here for days, no, I’d just give up, but you’d probably beat me to it. Someone has said that the Mac and Windows instructions are basically the same. I’ll try using whatever instructions I can find.

I saved your entire reply on my “Notes”. I didn’t think that the links would work, but they do, so I now have a very useful tool at my fingertips. I’m just going to plow through each and every link. It will probably take a bit of time to master everything, but I intend to spend at least an hour each study session. Thanks for getting me started.

My dad used to talk about “printing out the internet.”

We discouraged him …