All I’m looking for is a printable manual that guides through the process.
Can anybody help me?
If you send to the Audicity online manual, what is supposed to be a manual, it is not what I’m looking for.
Thanks in advance

As far as I know, there is no manual formatted for printing.

that guides through the process.

What do you want to do with Audacity? There are a few tutorials.

The User Manual tells you all of the things Audacity can do, but it doesn’t tell you what to do because there are a lot of things you can do with an audio editor.

When you decide what your goals are, the forum can help you achieve them. I don’t know of any “how to edit” generic documents or videos.

A word here. Audacity has no official instructional videos. Most of the YouTube videos you see are difficult to use, misleading, for an outdated version of Audacity, for an unknown version of Audacity, or just wrong.

Many people quickly create videos for Audacity and then lose interest when they find the work has to go through the Audacity editorial process.

“Here’s a list of the errors we found in your video.”

Then they leave the video posted with the errors—and that’s what you see.


Thanks for your input.
My problem is, I have just purchased ResShow USB Cassette which included a copy of Audicity (down version) so I update it to 2.1.3
SO now what do I do use it, I’m new to this, so I just need to know how to get started. Then probably I can make more sense out of this.
So, any thoughts are appreciated.

In which case I’d start witn this est of Tutorials in the Audacity Manual:

And in particular this one:

and this suggested workflow: