Malware ad on Audacity download page


Today I found an ad running at the bottom of the Audacity download page that made it appear that the user should download Audacity there. Instead it redirected to another site, where they wanted people to register and put in credit card information. The ad pointed to the link below (don’t click it).

I am providing this as requested by your web site. This ad should be blocked on your web site.

I would suggest that the correct download link be made more obvious on that page as well.

John Jackson|1

Are you on the correct Audacity download page?

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.40.24-cut.jpg
I did note that there is a display error at the bottom of this page.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.40.52.png
Less fuzzy-warm than I would like.


Thanks for letting us know.

Was the link on the Audacity website (
or on the FossHub website (

(FossHub provide the content delivery network for Audacity and other open source projects)

That misleading ad was blocked yesterday by URL (once again, it was stopped a week ago also, same advertiser, different URL, as soon as we saw it and someone notifies us. I checked again, and I confirm it is blocked, that ad should not appear again. Thank you!

Thanks Sam


Thank you Peter!

The single ad we have is now surrounded by:

2 x Report misleading | Advertisement
2 x Donate to remove ads

  • space was increased to make it more obvious it is an ad there.