Making a song go back to a specific time

Hi all, is there a way to make a playing song go back to a certain time and play it from there with just pressing a button (for exampe, hitting the left arrow key)? Also curious if it’s possible to do this with other programs and Itunes as well. Thanks alot everyone!

You can do it with a mouse click. Click inside the ruler bar just above the blue waves. The playback will reset to that point.

There may be other ways.

iTunes tends to leave all the calisthenics and heavy lifting up to the iPod or other player. Not iTunes itself. The only way I was ever able to get iTunes to cue music was to actually make the music as carefully prepared clips. That works pretty well.


Thanks, looking for another way, since leaving my mouse at the audacity window is iffy at times and moves around a lot. I’d like to be able to navigate away from audacity and when I go back, the setup button will push back the audio to that specific time for quickness.

The Transport shortcuts are listed in the Manual: Audacity Manual.

So as long as the Audacity window has focus, you can use LEFT arrow or comma to skip playback backwards a short distance or SHIFT and LEFT arrow or SHIFT and comma to skip playback backwards a long distance. The distances are 1 second and 15 seconds respectively by default but can be changed in in the “Seek Time when playing section” of Playback Preferences.


leaving my mouse at the audacity window is iffy at times and moves around a lot.

Can anybody else sense problems?

Some other programs and Apps don’t let go of services even when the focus is elsewhere. It would be good if you told us what the show actually is and how you’re producing it. Does the show involve Skype or Games… or both?


Ah ok, sorry for not clarifying. I’m trying to move it to a certain time while pressing left key over and over as many times needed because I’m making a dance choreograph to a song. It’s a particular section of the song I want to choreograph to and I don’t have the full vision in my mind on the first or many tries so I need to keep hitting back on that same line over and over. What I’m doing now is I move the gray arrow on the top and whenever I press [Shift [Left]] as much as I need to until it goes back to that section, it won’t go back further then that, it’s not one button but I guess it’ll do, if there was one arrow command, that’d be sweet, maybe I can edit the shortcut keys.

Also can do this too, Put gray arrow that points left (indicating start from here) by pressing near the time section on audacity and then press space twice when you want to go back which snaps back to where you set the arrow.

You know that you can loop play a selection?

What I would do is place a temporary label at that point - Ctrl+B will place a label at the cuttent cursor position, Ctrl+M will place a label at the current playing position.

With the right level of zoom you can see the label and click there again - or with focus in the label track you can Tab which moves the cursor to the next label - and if you only have the one ten it will always go to that label.

If you already have a label track that you don’t want to mess with you can always set up a second label track for the temporary label.

The advantage of this approach is that labels are stored with the project so you can close the project and the next time you re-open it the label marker will still be there.