Made an EQ setting, but why doesn't it save correctly?

How I want EQ saved.

How EQ is called up.

Why does Audacity let me save, but recalls partially?

Testing on W10 with the current 3.5.1 release and the alpha test build for the upcoming 3.6.0 - with a Graphic EQ curve similar to your illustration.

I cannot reproduce this:
a) on second and subsequent re-use of Graphic EQ while Audacity remains open my curve is restored and re-used properly.

b) If I close Audacity and then relaunch it, Audacity still remembers and restores my last-used curve properly when I next use Graphic EQ.

c) I can save the curve as a user preset. The curve gets restored properly both while Audacity remains open and after the next launch.


I haven’t a clue why my saved setting is restored partially, using Sedona.