Macro setting problem - Voice Recorder mp3 file conversion

I have a following problem. It is about an AUTOMATIC editing with Audacity of a lot of audio files in mp3 format ( audiobook, my own recordings) with the following functions: Speed up voice by 10% then reduce voice pitch by 20%.
Does anyone know how to set this in the macro to run it automatically for an entire mp3 directory ?

Currently I do this manually for each mp3 file in 5 steps ( 1-mp3 original file open/2-macro: Voice faster+Voice down+Open from folder where changed file should be saved/3-Return-for-save/4-Close-output-file-mp3-original/5-Audacity Request change save ?- no) That takes unfortunately a very long time when I have a lot of mp3 files ( I record files every day…) Thanks in advance for the help -

I’m not sure where you are going with the directory changes.

You could try this macro:

ChangePitch:Percentage=“-20” SBSMS=“0”

You files will be written to the macro-output directory. See: Apply Macro - Audacity Manual

I would run it with 2-3 files first to make sure it is doing what you want first. Audacity should be able to run the entire directory but sometimes macro processing gets hung up after a thousand files or so. I would limit it to about 500 files per chunk.

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Thanks for your advice.
Do you know how to set the export of an mp3 file so that the export takes the name of the file ? I can’t see how to do it.

Otherwise Audacity saves this every time under “export.mp3” that is the files, if there are several, are overwritten. Or you have to enter the name each time manually…which is again time-consuming with many files and no longer “automatically”…

Are you submitting to ACX? Is this your first book?


Yes: Tools > Macro Manager > Select Macro > Apply Macro to: Files… When you use the command ExportMp3 or similar at the end of the macro, each exported filename is taken from the source filename. The output directory will be different.

Also, please be sure to read my prior notes.

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