Macro Creation - Trim Clip

Hi all!

I’m creating a macro to substitute the missing Export Selection. I’ve got the Trim Audio part added, but what command would I use to move that clip to the zero second mark? Or would I have to do that manually each time?

You don’t actually need to.

The Export Audio dialog has a setting for Trim blank space before next clip

This is off by default, but if you check it to be “on” Audacity should remember and reuse that setting

In earlier versions of Audacity this was controlled by a hard to find preferences setting - Muse recently made it more obvious by moving control of it directly int the export dialog.


Thank you so much Peter! This makes my life a lot easier.

@frozenfever glad that helped

I’m still hoping that for 3.5.0 Muse will
a) add back an Export Selected command in the Extra menus - that way you can just creat a shortcut to that
b) make the macro Export commands have editable parameter - and that way you’d be able to set up a macro (or macros) for export with your favorite setting (or settings) - and optionallymake shortcuts for those

Or better still both f the above.

Add an “Export Selected Audio” to the Extra>Export menu AND/OR enable parameter setting for Export Audio when used in a Macro #5581


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