Lost sound

I have been recording from cassettes for several days now with no problem; however, all of a sudden, I have no sound from my device (Encore cassette converter with USB) when recording the track. I have done the steps according to the Audacity manual and still have no sound.

I am running Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.0 (that came with the cassette converter).

Look at the top of the audacity window at the device toolbar – microphone symbol. What does it say there? Does it indicate “USB Sound Device” or something similar?

Did you try to use Skype in the middle between recordings?

Did you unplug the tape machine? With the tape machine plugged in, restart Audacity and see if it doesn’t show up.

Are you assuming you’re not getting a recording because you can’t hear it? Do you get bouncing red sound meters and lumpy blue waves?



The toolbar says “USB.”

I have not used Skype.

I have restarted with the recorder plugged in.

I am getting the “bouncing bars” but no sound.

Is the output device in the Device Toolbar set to the USB device? If so then you need to reset it to your PCs onboard soundcard.


I have the same problem (except that I have never gotten sound) and have followed all the steps suggested above. I do see the sound bars so I think something is getting there–I just can’t hear it. I do have “sound play through” selected. I am new at this so I may be missing something pretty basic.

Ok, here’s the problem.

I got the software with an Encore Technology USB Cassette Converter: DC/USB Cassette Player. The software disk that came with the player included a note that stated the Audacity CD would not work with Windows 7 or Vista and directed me to Audacity’s website to download Audacity for Windows that would work. I did that, and everything worked great. I was able to change all the settings on the toolbar for USB and when I played a cassette in the player, I could hear sound on the player (but not on my PC). All of a sudden, after several days of copying cassettes to my PC, I had no sound – from neither the player or the PC.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, and everything else I can think of to try and nothing was working…there was no USB option on the toolbar. I have finally gotten it to where I have sound coming from my PC when I play a cassette, but only when I hit the record button in Audacity. I still have no sound from the cassette player. I would prefer the sound come from my player so I know when I want to begin recording in Audacity. When the sound comes from the PC and only when recording in Audacity, I’m having to do a lot of deleting and/or starting over.

(One MAJOR problem is the instructions manual I received with the player is for an old version of Audacity, and most of the options/directions have changed. I realize this is not the fault of Audacity, but I can’t find where to contact them for their help. You’re my only hope at this point.)

Thanks for your patience and help.


I assume you download Audacity 2.0.1, so read the Audacity Manual for 2.0.1. If you installed the .exe of Audacity, click Help > Manual (in web browser). If preferred, read the relevant page online:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/recording_with_usb_turntables.html .

The USB Codec for the cassette player has to be visible as input device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar, or you cannot record directly from it. If USB Codec is not visible, choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity.

Choose Transport > Software Playthrough (On / Off) - so that the checkmark appears - in order to hear the player in the computer speakers while you are recording.

To hear the player in the computer speakers before recording, click in the Audacity Recording Meter to start monitoring, as well as turning software playthrough on.

We don’t make cassette players or devices of any kind. If there is no sound from the speakers of the cassette player, look at the return instructions in the player’s manual.


Try reading this post directly above https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/lost-sound/25732/7 .