Lost - Project Rate Hz on bottom left of main screen w 3.3.1

updated to 3.3.1 and lost the project Rate Hz on the bottom left of the main screen, does anyone know how to turn this back on?
I usually use this to go from 32/48 > 24/48 and 16/44.1

Then I try to add the 32/48 files (all songs in a show) then highlight and Track > resample to 44.1, all files process and show 44.1, then I export multiple and change it to 16bit, the files aren’t being exported to 44.1.

With 3.2.5, I would just change project rate Hz at bottom left of main screen, then export multiple, and the 44.1 got process to the 16bit folder.

They moved it to Audio Setup under Audio Settings.

When you are in Play mode (or Record mode) you should be able to the “Actual Rate” at the bottom right of the Audacity window in the Status Bar. This is the Project Sample Rate that is currently in play for the project.

Note that in my example I have two imported files neither of which is at 44,100 Hz but the project rate is 44,100 Hz - so exports will be made at this sample rate regardless of the rates of the individual contributing tracks in the project


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