Long trackname obscures waveform

Hi, I just updated from 2.2.2 to 2.3.0 and right away noticed the new “trackname display” with LONG name is obscuring the upper channel waveform peaks more than half way across the work-space. This is going to greatly interfere with editing… unless the new label background is transparent and fonts are smaller…

Also while typing this post, I hit a key on the Tab, Caps Locks, Shift side of the keyboard and 2.3.0 started Shrieking in the background… like a stuck recording. Exiting 2.3.0 stopped the shrieking. Very strange.


I’ve written to the developer who made that change to see if there is anything he can do about that.


I’ve been discussing this with the developer involved (who also happens to be our Release Manager for the upcoming 2.3.1) release.

He says (as RM) that we have no time to do this for 2.3.1 - but we may be able to do something about it in the subsequent release.

For technical reasons down to drawing speed while Recording or Playing we may have to live with opaque trackname labels while recording and playing - but for when you are editing we think we can make them translucent.

I have logged this in our Wiki so we can track it.

BTW in default Waveform view if tour waveform is sufficiently big that the trackname obscures it than you are working with an unnecessarily hot signal - you only really need the waveform going up to 50% which corresponds roughly to -6dB on your meters.


Thanks for the replies,

I’ve read over all that you posted and understand the issues. Also noticed the `trackname´ changes to MIX after a mixing operation. Will leave track names on for now and observe how it goes. I think the trackname font is a bit too large. How about assigning a HOTKEY to toggle trackname ON/OFF ?

Many of my audio filenames are long, and the trackname becomes the filename after opening an audio.


Hi edwinn,

I’ve written to the developer to sound out his thoughts on your suggestions.

Re. a keyboard shortcut for toggling the trackname on/off - I am strongly mined to agree with you. It’s a pain-in-the-butt to have to keep traipsing over into prefs to toggle it.

I guess that if we were to do this we would need to add a new command to the Tracks menu for the toggle - so that we could then assign a shortcut
(or, more likely, leave it blank for a custom shortcut).

What might prevent this is that we are very wary of creating command & Menu bloat - and we almost certainly would be unlikely to pre-assign a shortcut for it (we have far too many preassigned ones already).

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions,

You could create a macro (and optionally, a keyboard shortcut to the macro).

On testing, it appears that reloading preferences is not yet supported, but this plug-in should work in Audacity 2.3.0 (tested in 2.3.1 alpha).
toggle-track-names.ny (429 Bytes)

With a LOT of help from James I got these two Macros (see attachments) working on the latest 2.3.1 alpha (and they seem then to work on 2.3.0)

@edwinn: if you want to try the latest 2.3.1 alpha to make it work send me a PM

If you load those text files into your Macros folder in your Audacity settings folder they should work.

I set keyboard shorcuts of “1” for “on” and “0” for “off”

As James says: “it is slower than it needs to be because all the prefs get updated and the screen and all toolbars refreshed. But more than good enough, methinks.”

We have discussed the font size and sorry, we are unlikely to do anything about that as James and I are both happy with the current sizing.
Trackname off.txt (72 Bytes)
Trackname on.txt (72 Bytes)

Indeed that plug-in does indeed work on both 2.3.0 and latest 2.3.1 alpha

PLUS it has the benefit of being a toggle and thus only needing a single keyboard shortcut to toggle on/off :slight_smile: :nerd:

Very cute Steve :sunglasses:


Did you have to edit the Macro .txt file manually?
I couldn’t get the “Reload” option to appear when using the GUI. :confused:

No - but I was using James’ latest 2.3.1 Appveyor build - where he’s fixed Bug #2039


Excellent - I see that has now been fixed in the main Audacity code (yesterday).

(I still prefer the plug-in version as it requires just one command to toggle.)

Me too :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :nerd: