lock labels to specific track location

I recently discovered my labels aren’t staying where I put them. I marked a few sections I wanted to re-record, but whenever I deleted a section, or the track length changes, the labels move and are no longer aligned with the audio selection I marked for change. Is there any way to lock labels to a specific section of the track and stay aligned with that section no matter what changes are made to the length/timeline before it?

Use Sync-Lock - https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sync_locked_track_groups.html


Labels will normally stay where you put them, but perhaps you have enabled “Sync Lock”. If you have, try disabling it. See here for more information: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sync_locked_track_groups.html

That was it, thanks! I tried looking it up but I didn’t know the right terminology to zero in.

Out of interest, which one? Did you have Sync Lock enabled when it shouldn’t have been, or not enabled when it should?

Did you think you were marking the performance or the time?

The label track defaults to marking the time. Everybody I know wants to mark the performance. “This is exactly when I stopped talking to take a breath.” Not 1:34:15. I want that breath label to stick no matter what I do to the rest of the show.

The default is particularly annoying since it allows you to write a description of the label which is going to lie to you the instant you change anything upstream.


It wasn’t enabled.