Let's talk about the Audacity rewrite: One core isn't the game anymore

Alright… so I created an issue on the Audacity Github page explaining how Audacity would screw the hell out of just one core on my laptop, basically running the first core on my i9 at 100C or 212F temperature wise, which if you know anything about CPU temps, that’s basically the max temp, and it keeps it like that for as long as Audacity is recording, even if it’s offscreen.
CPU temps such as this stress systems and can quickly kill a system much quicker than not, way more or less depending on if the machine is rated to be maxed out at all times or not, which most (if not all) aren’t made for that kind of extreme. This is just awful and no program should be allowed to just do this for no good reason, especially something as (should be) simple as an audio editor of all things.

Audacity is also extremely laggy for no good reason, probably because it’s restricted to one CPU core, and for some reason is so inefficient that one modern Intel Core i9 core isn’t strong enough… no idea why that is actually, I just realized… really dumb.

Due to these two very simple problems having a simple solution, I think it should? No. NEEDS to be done: A rewrite! I have no idea how difficult it would be to rewrite Audacity, and quite frankly I don’t care. It should have been done 15 years ago, when multicore/multithreaded CPUs became the norm, and especially recently when Audacity is struggling to do anything without lagging on a modern workstation CPU, it just doesn’t make any sense to continue developing an app that exhibits this behavior, especially when this behavior is from systems that Audacity doesn’t even support anymore, and hasn’t for years.

Yes, Audacity is free, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad/incomplete/rude on your system. I observe how awesome it is to have such a tool in the first place, and to have it be completely free of charge, but that shouldn’t cloud your judgement on how fundamentally broken it currently is.

Oh also why am I insisting on a rewrite? Because apparently that’s the best and simplest way to get multicore support going, as far as I was told.

I had no idea where to post this, if I need to move this to another section of the forum, just tell me and I’ll do it, don’t just delete my post, thank you. I’ve had bad experiences on forums like that in the past, let’s not do that lol.


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Rewriting Audacity is a huge job, and if you look at the commit history you will notice that the developer Paul Licameli has been heavily engaged in refactoring Audacity for the last few years.

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