Latest OS max update does not support Audacity!

anyone else using a iMac and recently installed their update 10.15 (Catalina) appears not to support Audacity.? Does any one know when they do updates …if not I will have to revert back I guess?

I will have to revert back

Revert. Catalina created a number of unexpected oddities and sharp turns.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to keep your machine from making auto/unsupervised updates—at least while you’re working.


Thank you guys…

See this Forum announcement:


Hello, I just read waxecylinder’s guide to make Audacity work under Catalina, but I have a problem. If I write in the Terminal app “open /Applicazioni/” I get a “does not exist” answer. My folder is Applicazioni because I have an Italian version, probably I have to change something else in the string, can anyone help? Thank you.

Open a Terminal window and enter the command:

ls /

(Note that the first character is lower case “L”)
You should see your “Applications” folder listed, with the correct spelling.

Then enter:

ls /Applications

but using the correct spelling of “Applications” as seen from the first command.

You will now see the correct path to the “” folder.

I see this (attachment). Seems like Audacity is not here anymore, but it is.
Schermata 2019-10-22 alle 15.29.52.png

Ok, 2.3.2 version seems to work now.

WavePad Audio Editor works just fine with CATALINA… it’s a free download and very similar to Audacity.

NO disrespect to AUDACITY … I love the software and will continue supporting it and using it … but in the mean time if you need something decent to record VO on WavePad Audio Editor works just fine.