Latency Correction Setting [SOLVED]

Greetings all, I am having a new issue. I recently got a Tone Beast preamp and am trying to record with it via Audacity. Since it does not have any USB connectivity, I am using my old Presonus Audio Box USB as an interface to connect it to my computer. Everything sounds amazing through this set up (my keyboards have never sounded better). I laid down my first track in Audacity and it sounds perfect! However, whenever I try to overdub on top of that single track, I get an Audacity pop up message saying “Latency Correction has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before zero. Audacity has brought its start time back to zero. You may have to use the Time Shift Tool to drag the track back to the right place.” After this message pops up and I click OK, it will not let me record. A new track shows up below my first recorded track but the new track is blank.
The keyboard I am using is a Yamaha PSR-540. This is plugged into the tone beast preamp which is plugged into my Presonus AudioBox USB which is plugged into my computer. My latency settings in Audacity are: Audio to buffer: 100 milliseconds. Latency correction: -130.
Since I never had this issue before when using the AudioBox on its own, I am assuming the addition of the Tone Beast into my chain is the cause of this. Can anybody help me correct it so I can get back to overdubbing again? Thanks in advance for your time and help.

The recording has stalled. You are probably out of resources. You need to cold boot the computer regularly to use USB recording devices. To cold boot, click the Windows Start button, then Power, then hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard and click “Shut down”.


Thanks, Gale! That totally did the trick! You are the best!