Can't overdub when using USB recording system

Hi there,

So after using Audacity successfully with the USB device (PreSonus iTwo) for along time, I recently reset my computer back to factory settings, and re-installed all software I use.

When I try to overdub (using the PreSonus iTwo for both recording and playback),I get the following error msg:

Latency Correction setting has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before zero.
Audacity has brought it back to start at zero.
You may have to use the Time Shift Tool (<—> or F5) to drag the track to the right place.

*this does not happen when i record through the PreSonus iTwo but play the playback on my computer’s built in speakers (this is not desirable though, horrible quality)
*I tried: install and uninstall a few different versions of audacity, install and uninstall PreSonus iTwo driver, reset preferences
*Googled the error text and tried every single suggestion i found, including here: and here: and more.

Nothing seems to work… please help…

That usually means your backing track is in the wrong place. You can select it and shuffle it to the right until the message stops (like the note says), but much better is launch a “clean” Audacity and import the track again.

That could also be an oblique way of telling you the Overdubbing Latency setting is wrong. With a fresh, new Audacity, you would have had to do the latency setup again. Did you?



I re- did latency correction but still no good. Also shifting the track doesn’t help, since there is no recording at all.

It works fine when the input is through the USB device but output through comp speakers (bad quality), error shows when i try to play playback (=output) through USB device. Used to be able to do this, as described in my original post

install and uninstall a few different versions of audacity,

The Windows version of Audacity installer has [X] Reset Preferences and Settings (select). Did you do that?

Audacity has provision for making Preferences and Settings “sticky,” so you can do an upgrade without losing all your custom adjustments. This is less valuable if your settings are broken. You don’t want those to stick around.