Lastest working vers.of audacity for macos 10.12.6 (aud.2.3.1?)

lastest working vers. of audacity for macos10.12.6?

3.2.5 current release - and the soon to be upcoming 3.3.0 release


did u get the screenshot?

i did not ask what is the latest ver. of audacity is. my question, that has still not been answered is “what is the latest vers. of audacity that will work w/ a macos 10.12.6”

my macos10.12.6. does not support this vers

you may need to download the x86_64 version instead of the universal binary from Release Audacity 3.2.5 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

i get error msgs when i try to download a vers. not supported by my os

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