LAME Library-updating (dead link on Audacity site)

Just wanted to note that we can’t follow instructions for updating the LAME library, if the user is depending on the instructions here:

That page directs users to this link (which is dead) to upgrade LAME:

If I find a working site, I’ll post the URL.

That is our old website that we just keep archived - the later/latest website is here:

With its download page for Mac:

And to save you some clickthroughs that will lead eventually for this page in the Audacity Manual:

which has a link for the LAME download website:

BUT - be very careful NOT to click on any big green Download buttons - those are nasty deceptive ads and some have been known to deliver malware - just click on the text links.


That’s very helpful info, Wax. Especially the warning about not using the green buttons. Thank you.

I’m recommending to Audacity Team (of which I am a member) that we just delete that old website as it is well out of date and very misleading and as far as I can see serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

Peter Sampson (aka Waxcylinder)

Peter/Wax, thanks for making that recommendation. Deleting the old instructions might prevent some folks (like me) getting stuck dealing with the dead link, etc.

I posted the following in another thread; I’m copying it here for people who are struggling with getting the LAME library to work, even after upgrading Audacity, or importing the library:

I was able to export an MP3 (overcoming the problem with Audacity not finding the LAME library; BTW I’m on Mac 10.14) thanks to Steve’s recommendation to use ls at the command line to find the path of mp3lame.dylib

Here are the steps that worked. At the command line, type:
ls “/Library/Application Support/audacity/libs/”

That tells you where the file is located (if it IS on your system). The file wasn’t listed when I searched USERS (an interesting problem itself with Finder). I had to search only on the hard drive in order to find it.

Once you know where it’s located, you can export to MP3 by directing Audacity to the LAME file, following the path listed by using “ls” at the command line.

We had a Team vote yesterday and decided to go ahead and do that :sunglasses:


And now we’ve done that - plus it prompted us to remove the long-outdated Legacy Wiki

So, many thanks for the “nudge” jps2018 :sunglasses: :slight_smile: