Label Track Info

View a summary of the labels in a project with this plug-in.

Example output:

Latest version:
LabelSummary.ny (4.45 KB)

Downloaded, installed, enabled, tested …

And looks useful, thanks

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the plugin Steve, has quite a few applications.

To make it even more versatile, could it be made to also export the info to a text file?
Then using Grep on the resulting file would make it a breeze to find the label or track or time data
which could be fed to a spreadsheet or even used as a simple transcription.

By extracting the start and end times, could even be converted to an EDL type file.
(This would be pretty straight forward using Bash, Python, or even a batch/power shell script for Windows users).

This open up loads of possibilities when importing the audio into video editors that support EDL.

Another application, using it to generate SRT (subtitles) info, as already have the label text and times.

Updated so that it now says how many labels are before zero (when there are labels before zero).

Yes it could, though I shall not be adding that feature. I want this plug-in to just display the info with a minimum amount of fuss (no GUI).

If you want to have a go, you would need to add a “File widget” so that the user can select where to export to. (See:
Then add a function to handle exporting (using OPEN, and FORMAT)

Perfect, and since the info is already in lists, makes it much easier.

Looks good to me too - tested on W10

An indication of the number of labels before zero would be a nice-to-have …


Looks good to me