keyboard shortcut to amplify

Is there a keyboard shortcut to amplify?
Please tell me if there’s one.


I’m going with no because Amplify takes arguments and settings. It’s not one thing.

Edit > Preferences > Keyboard if you want to look further. I think you can force one if you want it.


Do you want to amplify by a specified amount (example: amplify by 6 dB) or do you want to amplify to a specified level (example: amplify to -1 dB)?

Hi guys.
Thanks for your time and help.
What I’m actually asking for is to find a keyboard shortcut that will open the box that allows me to amplify a track. This box appears after chosing Effect> amplify…

If you still didn’t understand, I’ll give you a different example using a keyboard shortcut:
Pressing the combination of ctrl + alt+ E opens the box that exports files. I’m looking for something similar but to amplify.
Is there a keyboard shortcut that can achieve this?

Thanks again.

You have to add your own choice of shortcut for Amplify using Edit > Preferences then choose “Keyboard”: .

If the “Category” drop-down doesn’t include “Effect”, update to latest Audacity here: .


When I was setting up user-defined keys I found a handy unused set: ALT + any of the up, down, left or right.

This gave me four keys that are handily grouped together

I use

Alt + UP for Amplify
ALT and Left for Fade In
ALT and Right for Fade Out (actually the new Studio Fade Out)
ALT and Down for Normalize (used only for DC offset removal)

These four I find very handy for my LP and tape transcriptions.