Keyboard shortcut dialog popups up when using shortcuts

Whenever I press Shift-K to select a track to the end, I get the keyboard shortcuts dialog instead.

Very similar to this:

Using 3.0.2 on MacOS.

Setting default shortcuts doesn’t change anything.

Of interest maybe: I use the Dvorak-QWERTY layout (Dvorak unless Cmd is pressed, in which case it acts like QWERTY).

Thanks for you research and your report. I reported this issue on github: Shortcut Instead Brings Up Keyboard Preferences Dialog #1358

Do you care to share a screenshot?

I thought I had reported this on bugzilla, but apparently not.

With Audacity 3.0.2 on my Macbook Air macOS 11.4 …

Open a project with at least one audio track.
Click in the Project Rate box in the Selection Toolbar so that the editing cursor is visible there.
Do any keyboard shortcut that involves the shift key (eg Cmd+Shift+A, Cmd+Shift+F, Cmd+Shift+C, etc).
The keyboard shortcuts editing window opens.

Dismiss the dialog then click in the track.
Do any keyboard shortcut that involves the shift key.
The command is implemented, if appropriate.

If I remember correctly this relates to a feature that was implemented several versions back. The intent was that a user could quickly open the keyboard shortcuts editing dialog by adding the shift key to any valid shortcut. So, for example, since Cmd+A is Select All, hitting Cmd+Shift+A would open the dialog. Except that Cmd+Shift+A is a valid shortcut (Select None). Note that when you do Cmd+Shift+A in the example above, the keyboard shortcut editing dialog opens with the Cmd+Shift+A shortcut selected.

Furthermore, the feature does not work when you add the Shift key to a valid keyboard shortcut. With a “dirty” project (one for which the File > Save Project > Save Project command is available - shortcut Cmd+S) hit Cmd+Shift+S - nothing happens.

The simplest solution - in my mind - is to disable this “feature”.

I cannot get this to happen with Shift+K, so maybe it has something to do with the Dvorak keyboard?

I have a question: How do you using any command-key shortcut when the command key is used to switch the keyboard to QWERTY?

– Bill

Works for me on W10 with 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 RC3.

a) I do not get the erroneous keyboard shortcuts window opening

b) the shortcut properly selects from the current cursor position to the end of the track.

I have a vague recollection that we did have this as a logged bug in an earlier version of Audacity and that it was one that got fixed


I’ve seen this issue previously on Linux. I’m not aware of it ever being fixed, but it hasn’t happened for me for several months - I don’t know if that means that it’s now been fixed or not.

Here it is: (reported under Linux)

It was closed as “Works For Me” after not seeing it for over a year.

Thanks jademan.
I’ve re-opened that issue as a “HeisenBug”.

I added a few years ago a feature for quick change of key bindings when you hold the Shift key while releasing a toolbar menu item. But it misfires on Mac sometimes in circumstances I don’t fully understand.

Maybe it’s just not a feature worth keepin.

AFAICT it is not documented, so no-one knows about it. Could you try disabling it? If you do disable it let me know and I’ll test it.

I’ve re-opened that issue as a “HeisenBug”.

It is 100% reproducible for me with the steps I outlined, in 3.0.4-alpha-20210810.

– Bill