Keeping what is common between a stereo track

I digitized a very old record my father made. It’s very noisy with lots of pops and clicks. It also appears to be a mono recording so I’m wondering if it’s possible to reduce the noise by keeping what is common between the stereo tracks while omitting whatever appears in only one of the tracks. Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?


You could try the “isolate vocals” option in this effect:

Simply blending the left & right (converting to true-mono) should help a little… But, just a little.

I have a program for cleaning-up digitized vinyl called [u]Wave Repair[/u] ($30 USD). One of it’s repair modes is copy left-to-right or copy right-to-left. It often works “perfectly”, even with stereo records since you are only loosing stereo for a few milliseconds. It has several repair modes and it does an audibly-perfect job on most (but not all) clicks & pops. The big downside to Wave Repair is that you have to find & select the defects manually (so it only “touches” the audio where you identify a defect) and it can often take me a full weekend to clean-up an LP. Ironically, the worst/loudest clicks & pops are often the easiest to fix because they are the easiest to find.

Audacity has a [u]Click Removal[/u] and [u]Repair[/u] tools (“effects”).

[u]Wave Corrector[/u] is a another specialized vinyl clean-up application, which is now FREE!!! (Unlike Wave Repair, it works automatically.)

The best app that I know for removing clicks and pops from records is Brian Davies’ excellent Click Repair’ See this sticky thread:

It costs a little, but you do get a 14-day free-trial - so if you only have the one record you should easily get it done within the free-trial period.


Thanks, all!