Jademan,help, Audacity has failed to read an archive...

I,ve send you a private message regarding the problem.
Eitherway, The problem is the same as last time :frowning:. The aup3 in which i was working suddenly crashed and stopped working. When i tried opening it again, the archive was gone. It was a large file, a little smaller than last time actually. I was wondering if you can help me with the recovery :frowning: Just like last time, since i stayed happy with your support
Hoping you reply soon, Thanks :smiley:

So if it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist. :frowning:

Note that if you need help recovering a corrupted .aup3 project file in the future, the new tool is now available to Windows 64 users and instructions have recently been posted here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/corrupt-or-otherwise-broken-audacity-project-recovery/64162/1 :smiley:

Well, I´m not sure. It does exist, but Let´s say, I had 500kb of work. Then the program crashed and it closed. Now the file of aup3 is still there, there are no messages of error when I open it, But when that happened, the whole archive was blank. I never erased anything :frowning:.
Is there a way to recover it? or is there a way to open and older version of the archive?let´s say, the saved version I worked with yesterday?
I have tried to recover an older version of the archive. I tried that in the morning, but idk why, the archive says the following message “aup3 Format can´t be imported”
Thank you btw

So i was working on this audacity file, I´ve been working with it for a while know, and a basically finished the whole thing yesterday.
The problem is, when I started working on the finañ details today, suddenly the program crashed. And it closed. When I opened it again, the message of recovery when the program closes didn´t appear. Instead, the file completely erased ALL of the layers. It was a 700kb ± file. And now is only 20kb.
Why did this happen? Is there a way that I can recover an older version of the file :frowning:?
I tried with recovering and older version, but when I try to open that older version, a message of “The AUP3 cannot be imported” pops
Thank you

Note: To avoid confusing and dueling posts, I have merged these two topics together…

As an experiment, I opened Audacity (3.1.3) and saved the empty project that was created by default. It occupies 320kb.

I then opened up Audacity created a new track via Generate, and then did undo. This created an .aup3 file of 20kb.

I don’t think there is anything left of your project. Unfortunately, I do not have the expertise to speculate where it went. Perhaps someone else will have something to offer.

well, it was worth the try. Thank you for your attempts and your attentions :smiley:
I´ll keep investigating a little bit more, and if not I´ll try to re-record the parts that are missing