I've lost my Repeat Last Effect effect...

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question – I love this forum and have been very successful at lurking and searching for other answers to my questions, but this one has me stumped.

I was editing my keyboard shortcuts, and noticed that at the top of my effects menu, it says “Repeat Apple: AUParametricEQ” instead of "Repeat Last Effect), with Comm+R as the shortcut. I never changed it, but I obviously did something inadvertently to make it happen. I know how to reassign shortcuts, but I don’t know how to get “repeat last effect” back above my effects menu again.

I’m running OS X 10.9.5, and Audacity 2.0.6 (I know I’m behind, but I stay with this version because the parametric EQ display changed and I don’t know how to translate the numbers I use now to the sliders in the updated display…)

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

In investigating further, I’ve figured out that I’ve been trying to repeat the last chain I did, and instead it’s repeating the last effect.

So I’m deducing that Audacity will not let me Cmd+R a chain, right?

I knew it was a stupid question.

With 2.3.0 Chains were upgraded and changed to Macros

I think that you are right that you can’t use Command+R to repeat a Macro, just an effect as you say.

But did you realize that you can assign custom shortcuts to your Macros ?

You can also make using frequently used Macros a easier task by leaving the Macro Palette open on your desktop while working on Audacity.

BTW what it shows in the Effect menu for Repeat is dynamic - changing to show the last-used effect.


Thanks, WC – yes, I finally realized that what I was seeing after Repeat was changing… DOH!

That’s good to know about Macros, and it would probably streamline my workflow a lot! I’m just such a chicken about upgrading… :open_mouth: I have a Parametric EQ setting that I use, and I can’t figure out how to translate the numbers I use for Center Frequency, Q and Gain to the waveform sliders in the upgraded version. Dumb reason not to upgrade, but there it is…

I will keep playing around with the keyboard shortcuts, though – I know I can make a few that will definitely help my workflow! Thanks for the tip!