ITUT201SVR Damaging records

I am hoping someone can help with this problem.
We bought a new Innovative Technology ITUT-201SVR USB Turntable for Christmas.
Everything hooked up fine and we loaded the Audacity Driver, but when we went to play the first album, the needle seems to be scratching it up.
It literally is making grooves all the way around the album. The album plays, but it skips all over.
Has anyone else ever had this problem? Did we get a defective needle?
Any input would be appreciated, we hate to take it back.

You didn’t buy a precision phonograph, you bought a throw-away turntable. Those have a very poor reputation here. One of the elves bought one and was so unimpressed with the needle tracking and speed variation that he got his real, older turntable out of the attic, fixed it up and uses that.

Take it back before it damages any more records.


I agree wholeheatedly …

I am the elf that started out with a cheap USB TT - but soon junked it. Instead I resurrected mty old Technics TT from the attic, treated it to a home service and a new cartridge - and I bought a small phono pre-amp and an external USB soundcard (both of those components are bundled in USB TTs). That set-up worked much better. If you want model no. recommendations I can provide those.