Issue with latest update

As soon as I installed this latest update, I began having a problem that I’ve never seen before. The problem occurs when I am scrolling through an audio recording of bird calls. For much of the time, no birds are calling so I want to scroll quickly through a recording that may hours long.

For this reason, I scroll through the recording by clicking to the right of the rectangular “cursor” in the slider bar at the bottom. Doing this instantly advances the recording by the same period of time shown on the screen.

The problem is that, after this last update, the program often begins to advance VERY rapidly through the recording even after I stop clicking the mouse button.

Basically, the program is behaving as if the left mouse button was getting stuck – and, initially I assumed that my mouse was just going bad. However, the same problem occurs in Audacity on every computer I use, and it DOESN’T happen in any other program.

I’m really hoping that this bug can be fixed soon because I love Audacity but this problem makes it prohibitively difficult for me to use the program for what I do.

Yes, this appears to be a minor regression on 3.4.2

The advancing through the waveform continues only while you have your cursor in the scroll bar (or return it to the scroll bar). If you move your cursor elsewhere then the scrolling stops.

I will log this but as it is relatively minor - and with a simple workaround - it may net get a high priority from Muse.

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Logged as:


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I have this issue too, and it’s worse because it often leads to a total freeze of Audacity, and sometimes Explorer crashes and system instability (I’ve got fully updated Win11 x64), forcing me to reboot to be able to resume working. This wasn’t happening in 3.5.0.

Transport Continuous Scrolling…
If ticked…then will just scroll horizontal small increments when clicked on horiz scroll bar…
If not ticked … then will scroll the screen width in time each click on the horizontal scroll bar at bottom…
click anywhere to right of slider curser in bar for screem moves to left, click anywhere to left of curser for screen moves screen width to right.

Long click hold puts the scrolling into continuous scroll while mouse is over the bar,… move mouse off the bar to stop this continuous scroll and move mouse back over bar to start it again no clicks…
OR click twice over the bar to go back to click for individual screen width scroll again.
I hope I am on the same subject…its a built in feature…???

This is a known regression issue, I logged back on 24th April:


And oriinally reported in this Forum post:


Yes, waxy, I see that, but I think it is a good feature… with several options
With continuous scrolling ticked you can incremental scroll a few seconds with each click.
With continuous scrolling un-ticked you can scroll a screen width with each click.
If you dont want to wear out your finger or the mouse button…do a long click and continuous scrolling will start controlled by the mouse hover position… if hovering over the bar scrolling starts to roll and hover away from the bar and the scrolling roll stops, hover back to bar and it starts again…no clicks involved…??

I think I am wrong about the need to Tick Continuous Monitoring in the Transport menu…its not required.
Click the Right arrow at end of horiz scroll bar to get incremental few seconds scroll…
Then as described above click on the space on the bar to get screen width scroll per click
and hold click to get continuous rolling scroll controlled by hovering the mouse position

The manual that is in the menu of 3.5.1 does not describe Continuous scrolling as it is in the transport menu of 3.5.1… so menu is out of date or manual is outof date…??

Hi @AudyMusik

I have transferred your comments about this being a useful feature to the GitHub issue thread:


The manual that is in the menu of 3.5.1 does not describe Continuous scrolling as it is in the transport menu of 3.5.1… so menu is out of date or manual is outof date…??

So it’s an “Easter-egg” right now.

But I’ll try to find some time to get around to documenting it in the manual. :wink:

But the “Contiuous scrolling” that is in the Transport options submenu is reallly just the old Pinned Playhead renamed. And note that the icon has now changed to be a cog-wheel.


So I’ve fixed the alpha manual for the upcoming 3.6.0 release:


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