Is there an easy way to join multiple audio tracks?

Hi I have just installed Audacity ad have tried a few parts but I cannot find a way to do the following- I have an old recording (from about 1969) on my computer. It is about 192 short sections each in its own file. Its original source was a audio cassette which has been lost over time. The files are in au. I wish to join all of the files into a new file. The content is my Grandfather singing and talking just prior to his 100th birthday so it obviously has a high value in the family. I can play each section on the App but really would like a continuous file. Apologies for what may be a simple answer (to you) but I would like to complete the task myself. Thanks

There should also be an aup file too - that file is the project manager that strings together the little .au files



Thanks. I’ll read through and in addition check what files I do have. Thank you for the guidance.

Basically you just need to find the .AUP file and open it with Audacity. That’s the “project file”.

When you open the “project file”, it tells Audacity to read all of the .AU files from the associated “_data” folder into the project.

Note that it is vital that you keep the AUP file and its _data folder together and don’t manually rename, delete or modify them, otherwise Audacity will not be able to recreate the project.

I will try the method. It also looks as if I may have found a copy of the original cassette tape so I may be able to start again !!! We initiated a search hence the delay in my thanks just awaiting a player to initiate test. One thought I need to copy out to non-PC users so I guess WAV or MP3 are the formats to Export as on to a CD and/or USB ??