Is there a way to merge/smooth audio re-recordings effectively?

Hi everyone,

Myself and two pals have just recorded the first episode of our podcast. After editing in Audacity and listening back to it, I realised that there were some new bits of dialogue required - a mix of adding new lines to link edited parts together and some parts that just needed re-recorded.

I’ve done this now and re-recorded some additional dialogue. The new recordings were done in the same environment and made with a new mic (Blue Yeti) and the sound quality has improved. That’s great, but it makes those bits stand out in the recording, so they sound like they’ve been added in later rather than recorded as part of the original recording.

Is there a way in Audacity of making this sound better? A way of ‘smoothing’ the recording perhaps so the parts recorded at different times flow together better and more cohesively?

Thanks for your help!

the parts recorded at different times flow together better and more cohesively

Probably not. Proximity effect and presence effects are rough to change. Are you sure the mismatches are not just volume changes? The new work is louder or softer than the old? You can find that from the sizes (tallness) of the blue waves. Select each piece and change it with Effect > Amplify, Effect > Normalize.

You picked a production trick that makes some pros run and hide.


You’re in the steep part of the learning curve. Make corrections in whole sentences because that’s a lot easier to drop into the show.

Do Not make changes in the production setup until the show is delivered. Half-way through Tuesday’s show is a terrible time to get a new microphone.

Wearing headphones listening to yourself is a good way to maintain consistency and volume (forget the rest of the stuff in that picture.)


If you have the chance and you catch it ahead of time, pause…and take the sentence again right then. That is amazingly easier to patch than trying it to re-announce it next week and drop the correction in.

You will recognize all these tricks and solutions as you get more experience.

You must have seen or listened to podcasts where somebody says “I bet you cut that part out in the edit.”

Are you shocked now about the rule that the edit takes five times the length of the show? Or it does in the shows you really want to listen to.

What’s the show and where is it posted?


And the Audacity tool for this job is Punch&roll: Punch and Roll Record - Audacity Manual


There’s an experimental audacity plug-in to match the frequency-spectrum of one recording to another, see …

Also it would be possible to degrade the new cleaner mic recordings with a loop of dead-air noise from the old mic.