Is there a Video Plugin?

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I am in the process of synchronizing a video. In the original video, there is no voice output and the dialogues are just text, which are progressive.

At the moment I opened Shotcut where I loaded the video. Then I always fast forward until the first letter of the next sentence begins and transfer this time to Audacity with milliseconds, where I then speak the sentence. I do it sentence by sentence, which is quite cumbersome. I need about 15 minutes working time for each video minute.

So I am looking for a plugin for Audacity, where I can load the video so that it automatically runs when recording or playing the audio track of Audayity. Audacity would have to do nothing more with the video than just play it in sync with the audio track. This would save me the constant transfer of the timestamps from Shotcut to Audacity. That would save me an incredible amount of time.

Is there such a thing?

Is there such a thing?

No. Audacity traditionally doesn’t edit video. It will open many video file formats and extract the sound, but you still need a video editor to put the new sound back in when you’re done.

Audacity would have to do nothing more with the video than just play it in sync with the audio track

So it’s overdubbing for video. Play the drum track (video) while you sing (announce) new work.

I think you have a naïve view of how hard it is to sync video. A huge portion of the posts on the video forums have to do with maintaining sound sync and matching different video clips to each other.

That plus the horsepower problem. Nothing peels off under-powered machines faster than trying to do Audio (or Video) editing. Much worse both at once.

Right now Audacity has no developers steeped in video technology. Can you program? Do you have any video developer experience?



Most video editors can do some audio editing. I’ve used Corel Video Studio and Cyberlink Power Director. Both of these are about $100 USD depending on the current promotion/mark downs. (you may have to pay extra for the Power Director audio module.)

…I wouldn’t rate either of those programs as highly as Audacity (or GoldWave) but they are “usable” and they have lots of features. And, I have lots of other (mostly free) audio/video tools/utilities that I use.

There are some [u]Free Video Editors[/u] but I have not tried any of them.

I don’t want to edit the video with Audacity. Basically, I just want the video to start playing when I press Play or Record in Audacity and to stop when I press Stop in Audacity. If I put the marker at a certain position, the video should also be spooled to that position. As far as editing is concerned, I just want to record audio, edit it and save it as an MP3 in order to later merge the audio files with the video using Shotcut. It’s really just a question of seeing exactly what is happening in the video during the recording.

Audacity does not have that feature.

Hello, anyone knows about updates? I mean…: do you know if, since these posts a video plugin has been created?

There are no video plug-ins for Audacity. Audacity is still “only” a multi-track audio editor.

Thanks for your answer. I still don’t understand why… It would be so complete if it had just a synced video player…

There is a Featurev Request for this that I logged on the GitHub issue log last yera:
Ability for Audacity to import and show video to facilitate dubbing the audio track #2167

In that thread it gets a favourable response from Tantacrul one of the senior members of the Muse Audacity team, where he wrote:
“I definitely think this is a BIG win for Audacity. We’ve already done some preliminary design work on it. I don’t quite know where it will fit in our backlog though but certainly on our radar.”


Thank you so much!
It’s nice to see that something’s moving about that and that I am not the only one wishing that.

Thanks again! :wink: