Is it possible to "transform" mono to stereo?

Mono - file ( mp3) is imported. How to do so, that after export ( format mp3 ) it became stereo?

See this thread for a plug-in to help with this:


Thank you! Appears “make stereo track” and nothing more. (Version 2.0.3)

Select source channel: [Left (upper) or Right (lower)]
Delay factor (%): [0 to 100, default 30] Higher values will produce a wider stereo effect but may sound echoey.
Effect mix (%): [0 to 100, default 80] 0% = Dry (original signal with no effect), 100% = Wet (effect and no original signal). Higher settings will produce a more pronounced stereo effect but may leave a “hole” in the center of the stereo field. Lower values produce a more subtle effect with the original signal centered mid-stage.

It is not appears. How can I choose parameters?

When you say that you want to create a “stereo track” from a mono track, what do you actually mean? Do you want to create a fake/artificial “surround sound” type effect, or do you just want two identical channels?

Two identical channels ( the problem is solved)." Pseudostereo" is also (occasionally) was installed. Thank you!

Is it useful to apply pseudostereo effect for imported “real” stereo (not created from mono) files?

The “Pseudo Stereo” effect may be used to add “spaciousness” to either mono or stereo sounds. The effect can only be applied to 2 channel tracks, so mono (1 channel) tracks need to be made into 2 channel tracks first.

The quickest way to convert a 1 channel track to a 2 channel track before using the Pseudo Stereo effect is:

  1. Add a new mono track (“Tracks menu > Add New > Audio Track” or shift+Ctrl+N),
  2. If necessary, drag the new track so that it is directly under the track that you want to convert
  3. Click on the name of the track that you want to convert, and from the drop down menu select “Make Stereo Track”

You can then use the Pseudo Stereo effect.
“Select source channel:” needs to be set to “Left (upper)” as that is the channel that has the audio in it.

Thank you ! It is clear!
shift+Ctrl+N - only “empty” second channel appears under mono - track.
Real way:
Edit > Duplicate (written in instruction to convert 1- channel to 2- channel track). And then point 3.

Yes that is how you would normally create a 2 channel mono but if you are going to use the “Pseudo Stereo” effect you don’t need to do that because the Pseudo stereo effect only needs one audio channel. If you prefer to duplicate the original track, you can - that will work just as well. The keyboard shortcut to duplicate a track is Ctrl+D.

Ctrl + D - doesn’t works. How can I duplicate a track by keyboard shortcut?

The audio that you want to duplicate must be selected before you press Ctrl+D

Thank you! Ctrl + A and then: Ctrl + D ( 2 clicks, it isn’t quite comfortable).

If you prefer to use the mouse you can double click on audio to select it - if there is just one audio clip (audio segment) in the track then it will select the entire track - if there are multiple separate audio clips then double clicking will select only the audio clip that you double click on…

Thank you!

Здесь разве не русский форум?
Между тем, насколько я уловил, поднят важный вопрос: как превратить моно-дорожку в стерео. Нужно выделить аудио, применить команду “продублировать”, и в меню исходной дорожки выбрать “make stereo track”. Получается стерео. Без этого, бывает, не обойтись, если нужно записать дорожку на аудиодиск. Правда еще может понадобиться сменить частоту дискретизации на 44100 Гц.

большая часть сотрудников только Audacity говорят по-английски. Поэтому мы не можем гарантировать, чтобы ответить на вопросы на русском языке.

Steve, thank you, Pseudo-Stereo is the userful and not very complicated effect, can be applied!