Is it possible to highlight multiple parts of one track?

I edit audio files daily and I have to take several sections of the track and put them into a new track or export to an mp3. I usually add labels through the track and then I will highlight each section and copy/paste into a new track. I have to do this one at a time, but was wondering if there is a way to highlight multiple sections of a track and copy/paste all the sections at once? Or is it only possible to highlight one thing at a time? Thanks.

You can only “select” (“highlight”) one region at a time (though the selection may be in multiple tracks).

However, (and this may be relevant to what you want to do), it is possible to apply certain types of edits to multiple labelled regions in one go. See:

Sadly these labelled audio commands no longer work - this is a regression bug on 2.4.0, introduced in 3.0.0 and only spottted recently. It is logged on the GitHub issue tracker
Labelled audio operations no longer work on selected audio tracks in 3.x #3679

And it was found too late for Muse to try to fix this for the recent 3.2.0 release.